Bandwidth-generating Tip: A trick to save your laptop (and your sanity)

You need to do something that seems relatively simple, like add a hyperlink to an image in your Gmail signature. Maybe you want to link your logo to your website, or promote a conference. It doesn’t really matter at this point, because you’re about to throw your laptop out the window.

You did everything right: You searched online for a tutorial. Lord Google provides thousands of hits with detailed instructions. Which you follow religiously. Again. And again. Because it just won’t work.

Before you throw your laptop out the window, try this instead. Switch browsers. Seriously. Switch from Edge to Chrome. Or from Chrome to Firefox.

Switching browsers is the online equivalent of restarting your computer: it can solve seemingly unrelated (and intractable) problems. And given how simple it is, it’s certainly worth a try.

So the next time you start thinking longingly of turning your laptop into a Frisbee, give a new browser a try.