Fill in the BLANK

The following copy was lifted from a Washington Post news story. "But I can't FIND the 'Any' key!"

“[BLANK] appeared to be caught off guard … Its slow but eventual response was a series of bland scripted statements (and) some embarrassing faux pas.”

“Every misstep trending on Twitter, viewed on YouTube and liked on Facebook only exacerbated the image of a lumbering [BLANK].”

“Facebook is not just about making friends … [BLANK] is still stuck in an outdated platform from the 1960s and needs to reorient its thinking.”

“Everybody is on a learning curve on this,” said [BLANK]. “We ignore social media at our own peril.”

Can you guess who BLANK is? Was it the Republican Party? Susan G. Komen for the Cure? Beef Products, Inc. (a.k.a. Pink Slime, Inc.)?

No, it was the government of India in a story about how social media is forcing India’s leaders to address that country's shameful culture of rape and violence against women.

Could BLANK be your organization?