Gillibrand's Ire: How passion and conviction can turn your video story into art

branded3 YouTube is the Lee Strasberg of social media platforms. It will force you to become a more convincing, more passionate storyteller, or it will wash you out of the game. Because when it comes to video, passionate conviction gets shared; dispassionate convention gets shelved.

Take the infectiously viral video of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) upbraiding, down dressing, and generally sidelining the judge advocate general of the Air Force, Lt. Gen. Richard Harding, for refusing to answer her question about whether “justice was done” when one Air Force jet-fighter officer unilaterally overturned the rape conviction of another Air Force jet-fighter officer.

After being convicted of aggravated sexual assault, Lt. Colonel James Wilkerson was sentenced to a year in the brig. But rather than go to jail, he went back to work when his boss, Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin, declared the conviction null and void. Sen. Gillibrand, as you can imagine, was less than amused.

But you will be amused by her grilling of Harding on this issue. And, once again, you will learn another important lesson in captivating storytelling at someone else' expense: To tell a remarkable story in the YouTube age, it pays to be passionate.