He's asking for it!

J.P. Freire has been an associate editorial page editor for the Washington Examiner, managing editor of the American Spectator, and an award-winning journalist. He knows how reporters think. But he wanted to know more. Specifically, he wanted to know how reporters felt about attending news events on Capitol Hill. So he asked them … via Facebook.

And he got answers—very specific answers. He also got compliments for taking the time to ask and “mak[ing] life easier.”


The distance between reporters and regular humans is shrinking faster than the industry’s subscription base. As the fourth wall of the Fourth Estate crumbles, take advantage of this new closeness by getting to know your reporter friends better.

By asking them how you can make their jobs easier, you improve the chances of getting your story told … and you just might brighten the day of a bunch of folks who could use some cheering up.