Nonprofit Marketing News Rundown—3.26.16


Whether you’re reading outside in the sunshine or cuddled up away from the rain, here are some worthwhile posts on nonprofit marketing, communications, and fundraising that came out in the past week. 


Marlene Oliveira advocates for differentiating and embracing nonprofit marketing communications as distinct from fundraising in this Imagine Canada blog post.

This Nonprofit Hub piece gives you simple guidelines for “How to Know When a Social Network is Worth Your Time.” (Spoiler: “it’s new” isn’t a good reason to join a social network.)

Colleen Dilen Schneider outlines three tips to help nonprofits successfully partner with for-profit companies in this blog post.

There’s a thought-provoking piece in The Agitator  citing recent research by Abila on how donor behavior differs by age and asking “Does donor age matter?”

In the #501 Social Blog, Julia Claire Campbell tackles the issue of whether social media is a waste of time for nonprofits. As she points out:

Absolutely anything can be a waste of time, if you do it incorrectly or haphazardly.
However, when done strategically, thoughtfully, and consistently, social media can augment your fundraising efforts. It can enable you to stay top of mind with your donors, and allow them to connect with you in different spaces.

What great pieces did we miss? We’d love to hear any suggestions!