Nonprofit Marketing News Rundown—5.21.16


Happy Saturday! Below is a selection of the best nonprofit marketing posts that came out in the last week.


Having trouble getting people to open your emails? The Washington Intelligence Bureau has six tips for writing stand-out subject lines in this blog post.


A lot of nonprofits responded to the rise of social by making their communications shorter. But Empower Nonprofits points out in their blog post that the way to make nonprofit stories more vivid is to include more detail, not less.


Is your digital marketing authoritative, credible, and trustworthy? Ashley Zeckman argues in her TopRankMarketing Blog piece that it must be all three in order to be effective.


The 501Social Blog covers the perennial issue of “how often should we post on social” by answering: more often than you think. You can read it here.


If you’re looking for some email marketing inspiration, check out this piece on the Emma blog looking at fantastic nonprofit email campaigns.


What great content did I miss?