Nonprofit Marketing News Rundown—6.25.16


Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is out enjoying this last weekend in June. As you gad about, check out the following recent posts on nonprofit marketing.


Relevance has a great piece looking at four proven ways to increase the success of content marketing efforts.


Do you ever wonder how viewers are using your website? If not, you should be. Check out The Nerdy’s Nonprofit’s piece on how to use Google Analytics to get insight into users’ actions.


 The Agitator has an interesting piece covering the new rules of fundraising (trust is key, everyone is now a channel, and use “social capital”).


If you haven’t gotten aboard the storytelling train yet, you’re behind. Take a gander at Julia Campbell’s post on how to create a culture of storytelling in your nonprofit.


Last but certainly not least, Cause Vox has a new post outlining 14 innovative online fundraising ideas to help you get over that summer slump.


What great content did I miss?