How Tequila Marketing Opportunity

"Maybe just one more. Then we gotta get back to HQ and finish that ... that ... what are we supposed finish again?"  "The 'Superb Owl' account, whatever that is." People are still talking about the night that the lights went out in N’Awlins during Super Bowl XLVII. That’s the night that Oreo carped the diem by conceiving, creating, approving, and tweeting the now legendary “You can still dunk in the dark” ad—in just five minutes.

The good folks in Oreo’s marketing department were, without a doubt, on top of their game that night. Team Jose Cuervo, on the other hand, didn’t even suit up for a night they should have owned.

Think about it. What does the Spanish word “cuervo” mean? Raven. And what were the 49ers panning for? Gold. Sooo … ?

So you have a Super Bowl that pits the “Cuervos” against the freakin’ “Golds” and yet there was not peep from the makers of Jose Cuervo Gold! The possibilities for drink recipes alone are mind-boggling. How about a “Tequila Mockingbird” for the 49er’s rabid fans? Or “Gold on the Rocks” for the Raven lunatics?

That, my friends, was marketing malpractice.

Oreo, on the other hand, had their blue-chip team in place, ready to pounce on any opportunity. According to The Washington Post, Oreo’s ad team “required that ad agency and client executives be at the same place at the same time” which was a “social-media command center” at its digital ad agency 360i in NYC.

That's the reality of marketing today. You’ve gotta be quick. You’ve gotta be relevant. And you have got to execute immediately. The days of “running it by legal” are over.

So how about this Super Bowl? Any marketing ideas spring to mind?