Walking the fine line between stupid and clever

The secret of our success here at Doyle McDonald is balance. When I get too far out on a particularly vulgar metaphoric limb, Megan is there to pull me closer to the tree of propriety. In turn, I … well, I don’t really do anything except create the occasional need for editorial realignment. This balancing act has worked very well in the 10 years we have worked together. Until now.

Yesterday, Megan posted a great piece on the difference between a quest and a story. I wanted to enhance the post with what I thought was a hilarious graphic and caption that played off of her lead sentence, to wit "A couple of you wanted to know the difference between a quest and a story." Megan did not agree and vetoed the idea.

I begrudgingly deferred to her sense of decorum and the graphic was axed. But I just couldn’t let it go. So in service to you, dear reader, I am posting the banned graphic regardless of the consequences.

You're welcome.

"And I want to know the difference between a Quest and a Hadji!"