Why storytellers are in the “Pink” when it comes to outsourcing

"An acquittal? COngratulations young man. You're on your way to getting your very own cubicle." A long time ago (2008), a brilliant man (Daniel Pink) foretold a day when outsourcing will take its toll on lawyers, journalists, and other “intellectual” positions (his word, not mine), right here in the good ol’ U. S. of A.

Once again, Pink is spot on. The Washington Post reported today that “IT positions aren’t necessarily secure,” pointing out that more companies are outsourcing their IT services overseas.

As Mr. Pink explained:

“It’s relatively easy to outsource work that’s ‘routine’ — that is, a task you can reduce to a formula, a set of rules, or series of steps that produces a single correct answer.”

This is bad news for lawyers, journos, and techies, but good news for storytellers because, “Artistic, empathic work is harder to reduce to a simple formula. ... Likewise for empathy. Understanding a customer, reading a sales prospect, leading a team are tasks pretty difficult to reduce to an algorithm.”

If you’re not yet following Daniel Pink, you should start. He’s insightful, entertaining, and prescient.