Are you losing the public opinion fight?

If so, you really need to read this.


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From john doyle and megan mcdonald

Messaging and Conflict experts who have over 25 years of experience helping trade associations change public opinion.


Are you an association executive with a controversial fight on your hands?

Do you wish you had the ability to recruit like-minded supporters, cause others to re-think their opinion, and to effectively confront opponents?

 Are you done hoping that this will blow over? Are you ready to step into the spotlight and own this issue?


 HERE'S THE THING—THE #1 MISTAKE THAT MOST TRAde associations MAKE in a conflict IS FAILING TO focus on their allies. INSTEAD, THEY waste time and money trying to handle their opponents alone.


This includes: trying to respond to every negative statement; failing to create coalitions; not having a strategic plan; making it an “us v. them” dialogue; or engaging in overly dramatic rhetoric.


BUT WITHOUT the help of well-informed and motivated allies, you’re left trying to cover all of the communications bases on your own, trying to convince strangers to care about your issues, and hoping that you’ll get some traction.


With this approach you end up spending a lot of time and money, enduring the frustration of trying to push a boulder up a greased hill, and generally making very little progress.
But it doesn't have to be that way.



:: Being able to attract and engage like-minded audiences (including new members!) that want to engage with you, rather than feeling like you’re shouting into the void.

:: Becoming the acknowledged expert on your issue and the automatic “go-to” person for media coverage.

:: Having the research-based, persuasive messages that make people say “I never thought of it that way before.” 

:: Being able to confidently and effectively engage opponents — via video, print or social media.

:: Showing your members demonstrable progress in changing public opinion.


Sound good? Then read on...

Right now, we’re taking on a small number of trade association clients to work with us personally to learn how to create and implement persuasive messaging programs that deliver the communications breakthrough you need to dramatically raise your profile and get your story heard. 


When you invest in the persuasion messaging Program, you'll learn:

==>> Exactly why you can’t seem to change minds … and what to do about it.

==>> How to communicate your issue in a way that makes thousands want to help you “win it.”

==>> How to find the people eager to join your fight—including many that you’ve never thought of before.

==>> How to arm your allies with the compelling messages they need to help you change public opinion, and how to motivate them to disseminate them widely.

==>> The skills you need to become a powerful speaker—in person, on video, and on the air.


Learning these exact skills has allowed our clients to:

-- Repeatedly convince policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels to defeat legislation that would have harmed their members, despite opposition from juggernauts like Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

-- Recruit traditional “enemies” to join their coalition and communicate their shared message to national media outlets including The Wall Street Journal and CNN Money.

-- Get the attention of This Old House’s Bob Vila by re-positioning an arcane regulatory issue as relevant to musicians, antique hunters, and DIYers.

-- Confidently articulate a new communications strategy to their members, resulting in effortlessly raising $130,000 for this “special project.”



If you're ready to take action and learn the strategies and skills you need to successfully change public opinion...

Then we invite you to join us for your 30-Minute Persuasive Messaging Breakthrough Session below.