Sound familiar?

You’re trying to turn around a shrinking budget. Or going through leadership change. Or launching a new campaign.

What you know:  Something needs to change.

What you may not know: It’s a communications problem. It’s always a communications problem, because communications drive all aspects of your organization.

And if we had to take a guess, it’s probably a digital communications problem. More and more associations, nonprofits, and foundations are finding themselves falling behind in the race to recruit, retain, and inspire online audiences.

Why does this matter? Digital communications are key parts of every organization’s success. They’re the main channels for branding, marketing, fundraising, public relations, community-building, and advocacy.  

But many organizations don’t know how to effectively integrate the elements of online communications—including blogs, email, and social media—into their existing organizational structure. Others simply don’t know what steps to take first. They need immediate help and longer-term training to learn how to do it themselves.

Through our proprietary QuASAR Method, we tackle your immediate challenges while teaching you how to build, maintain, and grow an effective online communications presence.


Phases of engagement

1)    Consultation—A no-strings discussion of what you’re looking for, what your challenges are, and whether we’re the right ones to help you.

2)    Plan development—Make recommendations about how to reach your goals.

3)    Infrastructure—Creation of necessary platforms, accounts, programs, etc.

4)    Initial build—We handle the writing, social media interaction, community-building, and message development.

5)    Training—While we’re implementing on your behalf, we also help you remedy any knowledge deficits so that you’re prepared to take over the action down the road. This includes cultural and strategic briefings for leadership as well as tactical tutoring for relevant staff.

6)    Continuing plan development—In conjunction with your now-trained staff, we develop a digital communications plan and the supporting systems (editorial calendar, content marketing plan, social media guidelines, etc.) to set you up for continued success.

7)    Ongoing support (optional)


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