Do you want to effectively use social media to achieve your marketing, advocacy, and public relations goals in 2016?

If so, you really need to read this.


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From john doyle and megan mcdonald

Digital communications strategists for nonprofit and trade association executives who want to successfully guide their organization’s social media efforts, confidently manage communications staff, and effectively get their organization's story heard.


Are you a nonprofit or association executive who wants to get more out of your online communications?

Do you wish you had a clear understanding of how to use social media to raise your organization's visibility, attract an engaged audience, and accomplish your goals?
Are you done feeling ignored, left behind, and frustrated that you’re wasting so much time not succeeding online?

Here's the thing—the #1 mistake that most Nonprofit executives make in their online communications is failing to have a clear strategy. instead, they waste time and energy in a “spray and pray” approach.

This includes: trying one social media platform, then another; not identifying metrics to guide your actions; posting everything or posting nothing; hoping a new hire can handle it for you; or getting to it whenever you “have time.”

without a clear strategy and an understanding of online cultural norms, you’re left hoping something will go viral, endlessly trying to self-educate your way to success, or hiring consultant after consultant in the hopes that one will be that lucky communications “golden ticket” you’ve been waiting for.

All that ends up happening is you waste a lot of time and money, endure the embarrassment of trying to justify your less-than-stellar results, and are weighed down by a feeling of failure.
But it doesn't have to be that way.



:: Being able to easily (and consistently) attract new audiences that want to engage with you, rather than feeling like you’re shouting into the wind.

:: Always knowing what to do next because you have a game plan—and knowing how to adapt to changing priorities and technologies.

:: Having a team that’s eager to contribute to social media efforts, regardless of which “department” they’re in.

:: Being able to clearly and confidently articulate your digital communications strategy and show quantifiable progress.
:: Ending the confusion forever around the “where, when, how” of your digital communications efforts.


Sound good? Then read on...

Right now, we’re taking on a small number of nonprofit and association executives to work with us personally to create and implement social media strategies that deliver the communications breakthrough you need to dramatically raise your profile and get your story heard. 

When you invest in the quasar method Program, you'll learn:

==>> Exactly why you can’t seem to break through the noise … and what to do about it.

==>> How to communicate your organizational brand in a way that makes thousands want to associate with you.

==>> How to find the people eager to join your community—including many that you’ve never thought of before.

==>> How to unify your communications efforts into a digital powerhouse that churns out compelling content that people want to comment on, share, and talk about.

==>> How to re-purpose the work that’s already being done to fuel your social media efforts.


Learning these exact skills has allowed our clients to:

-- Go from having no social media presence to organically growing a thriving community with thousands of engaged people within six months.

-- Recruit traditional "enemies" to join their coalition and communicate their shared message to national media outlets including The Wall Street Journal and CNN Money.

-- Save hundreds of man-hours (and thousands of dollars) by focusing on the platforms and audiences that make the most sense for their goals. 

-- Confidently articulate a new communications strategy to their members, resulting in effortlessly raising $130,000 for this “special project.”

-- Continue to adjust and apply their digital communications strategies long after they stop working with us.


Here's who we love to help:

==> Nonprofit executives who want to confidently captain their communications departments to greater success.

==> Association professionals who want to stop watching others grabbing the attention they know should be theirs.

==> Foundation leaders who want to stop wasting time and start making an impact.



If you're done with hoping that your digital communications problem will somehow solve itself (or go away!) and you're ready to take action and learn the strategies you need to rapidly transform your online communications ...

Then we invite you to join us for your complimentary 30-Minute Communications Breakthrough Session below.