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John Doyle

Social media has changed the way we communicate. The extroverted approach to communication in the 20th century—one-size-fits-all programming, in-your-face advertising, and dictatorial monologues—has been replaced by a more thoughtful and empathetic discourse that involves listening to the ideas of others, engaging in dialogue, offering comments and opinions, and sharing interesting content.

But even though the new rules of communication are, in many ways, far more civilized than the old rules, they do not come naturally to most people. As a result, iconic 20th corporations and entire old-school industries are going out of business at a stunning rate.

Doyle helps people avoid that fate by teaching them the new rules of the communication road. He offers concrete advice on how to:

  • discover your organization's most compelling stories;
  • find the audiences that really care about your issues;
  • tell your organization's story in ways that captivate and inspire.

Doyle specializes in working with trade associations, nonprofits, and other "ideas industries" that are being disrupted by social media. He and his partner, Megan McDonald, recently wrote The TV Guide to Telling Your Organization's Story.

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